The Window


Rishi looked out of the office window. That’s where he spent his free time. He never understood what the big fuss over sports was anyways. He stayed there, reading and dreaming, till Papa came to pick him up.

Books were his friends. He needed no one else. Tomorrow he would be gone from here forever. Papa was being transferred. He dreaded the thought of a new school again.

“Come child, your father is here”, he heard Sister Antonia behind him.

Rishi took his crutches and looked out his favorite window for one last time.

“Goodbye Sister”, he said.

This is written as part of the Friday Fictioneers Challenge – Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. Today’s prompt is the above picture.

Hope you enjoyed.


45 thoughts on “The Window

  1. Oh such a sad thing for a little boy!No wonder he does not care about sports and dreads going to a new school.Hope someday,he will be treated as a normal boy and encouraged/inspired to look beyond his different abilities and accomplish his dreams:-)Well written!

  2. I remember being that little child, the one whose best friends lived in books, who couldn’t always run and play with the others. It might seem that moving would be easier for kids who don’t make a lot of friends, but somehow it never is.

    Kind regards,
    Marie Gail

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