The Hero


Everything was ready for the Fiesta. The town came alive with banners and colorful festoons. The people of Ronda were ready to welcome Spring.

The 500-odd inhabitants gathered around the town square. That’s when they saw the army jeep coming. It could mean only one thing. One of their sons was returning from the war. A hero. The crowd waited with bated breath to welcome whoever it was.

Uniformed men got out, and lowered the coffin to the ground reverently. Yes, a son had returned. He was a hero. A martyr.

There would be a funeral now, not a Fiesta.

This is written as part of the Friday Fictioneers Challenge – Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. Today’s prompt is the above picture.

Hope you enjoyed.


41 thoughts on “The Hero

  1. I feel miserable for liking this, but it is awesomely written and so well captured is the scene, that it begged for words that don’t exist. I have seen this pain, felt this pain… you have captured it well.

  2. What a well written story Anjana- so full of pathos!Sad to see the festivities turning to grief-life is like that-unfair! As you have depicted here,war always exacts a heavier price than any of us would like to pay yet we refuse to learn and continue to hate and fight-sigh!

  3. I see we really did have the same vibe this week. 🙂 I would hate to be both the people in the town and the people driving the jeep. What a terrible change of mood. Well done.

  4. You captured the change in mood beautifully, Anjana. They were welcoming him home, just not in the way they’d hoped. And thank you for hyphenating 500-odd, so that there weren’t 500 odd people. 🙂


    • When I developed the premise, I was not looking to make any sort of statement. The flag shown in the image sort of led me to a war theme.
      But I am amazed at how powerful a message it sent to many people. The power of words!
      Thanks for reading, Rochelle.

  5. Great job and wonderful story! But, so very sad. I have 4 sons, 2 which have been in the military and when the last one arrived home safe, I was so happy – we had a huge party. Each time the news shows a military death, my heart sinks and I am so very saddened for the family and the solider that won’t get to live out his life. I HATE WAR. As the song says “War, what is it good for? Absolutely Nothing!” So true! Good job! Nan 🙂

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