Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure


Sometimes it is the little things we like to treasure. Especially when we have kids. We want to freeze memories in time, treasure their little hands and feet. But little hands and feet grow up too soon. So we treasure a few things those little hands made.

TreasureIf you ask me what I treasure most, it is the people in my life. And sometimes, a few things those people made, I will cherish forever.

This photo is for the weekly photo challenge at The Daily Post. As you would’ve guessed, the theme is Treasure.

Tell me, do you relate to this sentiment?


My Hands, They’re Glowing…


heaven-where-is-clouds-male-sky-92371Image Sorce

My hands, they’re glowing. They’ve stopped shaking. Now, they glow. As if they are lit from within. As if my bones are luminous. I look down to see if my feet are glowing too. I can’t see them. The lower half of my body seems to be covered in a cloud of some sort. Is it the morphine they gave to ease the pain? But shouldn’t it be up in my head? How did the cloud cover my legs? Then I see them. More cloud-covered people. They look like demi-gods. Long hair, flowing white robes, glowing hands and the faces. They all look so much at peace. Is that how I look? Am I at peace too, at last?

My entry for the daily prompt at The Poetry Question. Today’s prompt was to start a story with “My hands, they’re glowing…”

Hope you enjoyed it.