Right Now, I Am…



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Right now, I am;

Planning tomorrow’s lunch.

Planning next week’s schedule for my other blog. This one still feels like a mistress or whatever is the masculine equivalent of that.

Concocting a Valentine’s Day dessert in my mind and simultaneously scoffing at just what an empty shell of a celebration it really is.

Thinking of making a list for an impending travel.

Dreading the cleaning, sorting, packing and organizing part of it.

Wondering if I should do something about my sore throat.

Thanking my lucky stars it is not as cold as last week.

Looking at my word count!


Written as part of the 100 Words On Saturday challenge at Write Tribe. Today there is no prompt or theme. Kind of a write whatever comes to mind exercise.

Hope you enjoyed!


How She Writes


IMG_7569Hi there,

If the blog name did not give it away already, let me tell you what this blog is all about.

This is the experiment of a 30 year-old, to find out if she can really write. She already blogs here. But she secretly dreams of becoming a writer.

What does she want to write? Fiction, maybe. Essays, sometimes. Poems, why not?

So, let’s get started, shall we? Sit back and enjoy the words.

P.S: I am a visual person. When I am not visualizing things in my head, I can be found viewing life through a lens. My posts may contain photographs, some mine, some from the inter-web (given due credit). Let it be known that all works found in this blog is copyrighted and must not be copied or reproduced without due consent.